Meet EGBI Clients – Owners Of Natural Healing Wellness Co.

By Marisol Klauer

Christina worked in Social Work for more than a decade and earned a Master of Science from UT-Austin. Christina then went on to work for the next decade serving the mentally ill population in various agencies in Austin.  Though she thoroughly enjoyed supporting her clients and empowering their agency for change, she felt she needed to transition to living her dharma by teaching various aspects of Spirituality. During this time, Christina began to experience a spiritual awakening that transformed her view of the world and her role in it. Christina enjoys spending time in nature so you can find her on the hiking trails in Austin.

Aaron Gobert is also a University of Texas-Austin Alumni, who previously worked as an Audio Engineer with his own record company, “ATX Recording”. Aaron later pursued a career in the medical industry and worked for various agencies in the Austin area. During this time, Aaron began to educate himself about the Alkaline lifestyle and its benefits. Aaron went on to share this valuable information with Christina and they founded Natural Healing Wellness Co. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys educating others about genetics and human history.

Christina shares her experience as a client of EGBI.

Do you mind telling us a fun fact about yourself?

My husband and I are both University of Texas Alumni.

How did you first get involved with EGBI?

I attended one of Monica’s Marketing classes online first. Then I started coaching with her and took the 90 day goals course later.

Why is it important to support organizations such as EGBI?

I love the work that EGBI is doing to support small businesses in Austin. Starting a business is a challenging task, but it is nice to know I can call Monica or Joni to point me in the right direction.

How has EGBI helped you grow professionally and personally?

EGBI has helped me to step out of comfort zone in advertising my business and reaching my goals.

I especially loved the 90 day goal course. Though I did not reach all my goals, I was able to create some serious momentum that propelled my business forward, in a way I may not have accomplished on my own.

Want to get involved too? Contact us to find out how you can volunteer or donate.

What kind of clients come to EGBI? Client feature: Teresa Valenzuela-Basa

What kind of clients come to EGBI? Client feature: Teresa Valenzuela-Basa

By Al Lopez, February 26, 2013

The diversity of our clients is an element that makes our experience here at EGBI especially interesting and rewarding. At one end of the spectrum, we have folks who don’t yet have a specific business but feel that sometime in the future they will start a business. At the other end, we have clients who already have a business developing, but have reached a point where they realize they really need and want to have a more formal business plan, such was the case of Teresa Valenzuela-Basa.

Teresa arrived in the United States in 1991 as a refugee from Chile. Her passion for art, color, and fashion led to an initial career in jewelry design, which has evolved into a creation of a full line of fashion. Teresa’s strong commitment to her community and heritage inspired her to work with a Chilean Foundation which aims to preserve the colorful art form of horse hair weaving while helping women to become financially independent. Her community involvement includes volunteering at Safeplace, an Austin based nonprofit that empowers women living under family violence.

Teresa is currently in our noon cohort of Building Success Program (BSP). We have covered business topics such as business plan, personal finances/credit, budgeting, pricing, legal structures, taxes and insurance among other. Coming up are sessions on marketing, branding, and using social media for your business. The BSP culminates with each client, including Teresa, presenting a brief summary of their business plan to the class members and the EGBI staff.

Teresa’s designs have been featured at the Texas Campaign for the Environment, Austin Fashion Week, and the 2012 Texas Emmy Awards. She is periodically featured in Univision’s Despierta Austin providing fashion tips. Her first fashion debut, Vento e Sole, takes place on Sunday, March 17th at Ballet Austin. The event benefits Safeplace and Ballet Austin. Tickets can be purchased here.

It is particularly exciting when we see collaboration among our clients. In this case, our client Sugar Fashionista is participating in Teresa’s Vento e Sole event providing their fabulous desserts. We are proud of them, Teresa and other small business owners who call EGBI their “base of support” and look forward to continuing to help them sustain and grow their businesses.

If your current situation is similar to Teresa’s, and you are ready to take your small business to the next level, come to EGBI. Check out our website, sign up for our entrepreneurial training sessions beginning in April and attend our great workshop series in March.

Latina Fashion Designer, Teresa Valenzuela-Basa currently enrolled in EGBI’s Building Success Program

“EGBI is providing guidance and training to enable my business to grow steadily and with solid roots. Their professional team is full of resources and they are dedicated to ensuring small businesses succeed. The support of EGBI is reassuring to business owners. As a fashion designer, I can count on their guidance to surround my company with professionals who are instrumental for running a business in an ethical, productive, effective and efficient manner.”  Teresa Valenzuela-Basa