Client Conversation with CUBA512

In February 2015, Iskander and his Ecuadorian wife Tuky opened Cuba 512 as a manifestation of their own American Dream.  Cuba512 is a place of discovery that serves traditional Cuban dishes. All dishes are freshly prepared with hand-picked ingredients and served alongside island fresh cocktails & tropical smoothies. Cuba512 promises you a highly authentic Cuban experience by catering to all your senses. Its talented staff, decor, music, food, and beverage bring the ambiance of Cuba directly to Austin with hand crafted, Caribbean mojitos. They have an extensive take out menu.

We were proud to have a conversation with Tuky about their entrepreneur journey, challenges during COVID-19, how EGBI has assisted them through coaching, and their delicious food. Cuba512 will be the provider of the Ropa Viaja (shredded beef slowly cooked in tomato base sauce, onion, bell peppers) for our annual fundraiser, Celebrating Success. All are invited to join us on September 9th, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM for our virtual fundraiser.

Interview with Tuky of Cuba 512 below.