By Anne Lagrange

If you want to appear at the top of search results you need to understand how Google determines rankings. Google’s algorithm uses relevance, distance, and prominence to determine local rankings in search engine results. Ranking higher can help you pop-up in relevant searches and showcase customer reviews.

  1. Use Keywords: Your business needs to use relevant keywords that fit what the customer is looking for. 
  1. Regularly Update Key Info: Make sure all your information is displayed on your business’ search results panel and make sure to keep it updated via your dashboard. Include your business name, phone number, address, website, and hours of operation. 
  1. Link to Google Maps: Linking your location means you appear in geographical search results, such as “near me”. This is especially useful for home service businesses such as cleaners, landscapers, electricians, and plumbers.
  1. Set Up a Q&A Section: Creating a Q&A section allows anyone to submit questions about your business. Answering more questions will increase the ranking signal you’re feeding into the Google algorithm. 
  1. Include Photos: Businesses with photos are considered more reputable and will help you appear more legitimate and trustworthy. The average listing has 11 photos.