By Alison Flangel

Working with Google Analytics comes with an abundance of features. Below is a brief explanation on two of the advanced features that are offered on Google Analytics so you can best take a look at this data for your business.

  • Dimensions
    Dimensions essentially describe your data, as each dimension used can describe a different value. Secondary dimensions are used to view data with granularity, because an additional dimension is being added to your report. You can use Secondary dimensions to tell Google Analytics what you want displayed in a custom report.
  • Segments
    Segments are groupings of your data within Google Analytics. Various segments in Analytics can be isolated in order to closely identify the trends in your business. Segments can be used in order to enhance your understanding of the activities of a specific audience, or in order to create marketing campaigns to target groups. When on Google Analytics, use the “explorations” segment to build your dimensions and segments. Within explorations you will find the “Segment Builder” which allows you to create various groupings of users, sessions and events.