Opened EGBI Toastmasters Officer Roles

by Shamitha Ramanan

A Toastmasters club’s ability to function effectively depends on its members’ commitment to serving in various officer capacities. Officer roles are the club’s core and significantly contribute to its growth and success. Volunteers willing to take on these tasks are crucial to the club. Getting more involved by assuming an officer role within the club benefits the club and the individual taking on the role. It’s a rewarding experience that offers numerous opportunities for growth, development, and meaningful connections.

EGBI’s chapter of Toastmasters will have David Fuentes as the President, Monica Peña as the VP of Membership, and Wendy Murphy as the VP of Public Relations. 

We seek the club’s VP of Education, Secretary, and Treasurer.  

The Vice President of Education oversees scheduling and is the club’s expert on education awards, speech contests, and mentoring. They welcome and guide new members, assign mentors, emphasize the significance of quality evaluations and the Toastmasters Education Program, and promote participation in activities.    

The Treasurer is the club’s primary accountant, writes authorized checks, deposits dues and earnings, and handles bank transactions. Their accurate and timely work dramatically impacts the club’s overall success. In addition, the Treasurer oversees tax filings, notifies members on due dates, and sends payments to World Headquarters. They manage the budget in coordination with the club’s leadership and actively participate in executive committee sessions.

The Secretary records minutes of meetings and keeps track of club records. They ensure the World Headquarters data are accurate by updating and distributing the member roster. In addition, they maintain club files, record executive committee meetings, and keep copies of the Club Constitution and Standard Bylaws.

Serving as an officer provides an invaluable opportunity to hone leadership skills in a supportive environment. We hope you consider taking on an officer role in addition to joining the Toastmasters.

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