By Rutu Ruparel

Texas has long been recognized as a hub of economic growth and opportunity, consistently setting records for job creation and economic expansion. Now, small businesses are the backbone of this success, employing nearly half of the state’s workforce and contributing significantly to Texas’s vibrant economy. In recognition of the vital role that small businesses play, the Governor’s Office of Small Business Assistance offers a wealth of resources to support both budding entrepreneurs and established business owners. Among these resources is the Governor’s Small Business Resource Portal, a comprehensive tool designed to provide tailored assistance and information to help businesses thrive in Texas.

Who Can Use It?

The Governor’s Small Business Resource Portal is invaluable for a wide range of users, including:

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: For those considering starting a business or becoming self-employed, the portal offers essential guidance and resources to help turn ideas into reality.
  • Early-Stage Start-Ups: Businesses in their initial stages (0-2 years old) can find targeted support to navigate the challenges of early growth.
  • Businesses Moving to Texas: Companies relocating to Texas can access resources to facilitate a smooth transition and integration into the local economy.
  • Established Businesses: Whether a small business with 1-3 employees or a larger enterprise with up to 100+ employees, the portal provides ongoing support and growth opportunities.


The portal offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Tailored Assistance: Customized resource lists are provided so that users receive the most relevant information and support based on their specific needs and business stage.
  • Comprehensive Support: The portal covers a wide range of topics, from funding and licensing to business growth and networking.
  • Convenient Access: The portal is easy to use, with resources that can be printed or emailed directly to you.
  • Local and State Resources: Allows users to connect with local and state resources so that they can tap into regional support systems and opportunities.

Key Features

The Governor’s Small Business Resource Portal includes several key features:

  • Federal, State, and Local Resources
  • Business Advice and Growth Assistance
  • Funding Sources
  • Licensing and Permitting Information
  • Additional Specific Resources
  • Small Business Assistance Team Contact Information

How It Works

Using the Governor’s Small Business Resource Portal is straightforward and user-friendly. The process involves answering five simple questions to generate a customized list of resources. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Fill in Your Current Business Position: Select the option that best represents your business’s current position. Choices include thinking about starting a business, early-stage start-up, moving to Texas, or established business with varying numbers of employees.
  2. Add in any Special Business Designations: Indicate if your business is non-profit, veteran-owned, woman-owned, or minority-owned to receive resources specific to these categories.
  3. Add Your Location: Provide your city in Texas to connect with local resources.
  4. Select Your Industry and Business Type: Select your industry and the specific type of business. This ensures that the resources provided are relevant to your sector.
  5. Specify Any State Agency Services: Specify any state agency services you are interested in, such as business registration, permit information, state taxes, or employer services.
  6. Choose Any Additional Resource Options: Choose from additional resources, including start-up support, funding information, exporting advice, public procurement, networking, business training, and emergency management resources.

Once you complete these questions, this portal will generate a customized resource list that you can print or email for easy reference. This tailored approach ensures that you receive the most relevant and helpful information to support your business journey in Texas.

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