By Marieli Cestari with Cestari Insurance Agency

What should be included in a beauty salon’s insurance plan:

  • The primary coverage the beaty salon should have is the General Liability if they are leasing a chair and/or commercial space.  This coverage protects any claim arising for clients trip and fall in the premises.
  • The second most important coverage is their Errors and Omissions coverage also known as Professional Liability coverage.  This coverage will help to protect in case the hairdresser causes any injuries to their clients while doing their job.  A good example will be applying a hair dye that damage the client’s hair.
  • Lastly, most policy will also extend coverage for the property, product inventory and equipment for very reasonable cost that can help the insured to recover in case of a fire, theft, and water damage (such as frozen pipes bursting in the space due to a winter storm).