By Rutu Ruparel

Ivan Garcia is the Vice President of Lending and Community Manager at SouthStar Bank, with 15 years of mortgage experience. In his role, Ivan focuses on expanding SouthStar Bank’s presence along Austin’s Eastern Crescent. Moreover, Ivan prides himself on being able to provide opportunities for home ownership in historically underserved communities. He is also the Government Affairs Chair for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Austin Chapter and was named a NAHREP Top 100 Regional Loan Officer in 2021.

What is a fun fact about you?

I am a foster parent.

How has working at EGBI benefited you professionally and personally?

Working with EGBI has helped me better understand clients. Being able to hear their stories and what their business plans are makes me a better banker. It helps me gain insight on how I can better help my clients.

What motivated you to become involved with EGBI, and how has your role evolved over time since you started volunteering?

I love seeing how excited and passionate new entrepreneurs are about their business. I am motivated by the resourcefulness and resiliency of EGBI clients.

What personally resonates with you about EGBI’s mission and work?

I see my dad in EGBI entrepreneurs. My dad worked so hard at his job and still did side jobs to earn extra money. I see how some EGBI entrepreneurs are taking the next step in turning their side jobs into a full business. EGBI empowers people to make a way for themselves in this economy and equips them to prosper.

In what ways have you utilized your experiences and knowledge base to enhance the learning experiences of participants in your role as an instructor at EGBI?

I have been in the mortgage business for 15 years and have helped so many first time homeowners go from unsure to confident buyers by planning and education. Using this experience of planning and education helps me as I engage participants in the workshops.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering with EGBI?

Do you love that rewarding feeling? Invest time in EGBI entrepreneurs!

What was the most rewarding experience you’ve had in your role as an instructor for EGBI?

Inviting coworkers to volunteer for the Marketing Research night and seeing the joy they had engaging with participants.

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