By Diana Garcia

Meet Alejandro Medina, born in Monterrey, NL and founder of CompuPlus. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications as well as PC repair and maintenance IT.  In 2013, Alejandro moved to Austin, Tx, where he worked at a well known computer repair shop for a couple of years before deciding to start his own business in 2016.

Alejandro shares his experience as a business owner and how EGBI can help you grow your business too.

Hi Alejandro! To get started please tell us what inspired you to start your business?
What inspired me to start my business was the need for better customer service and more affordable computer and smartphone repair service in town with a bilingual approach.

What makes your business unique?
In CompuPlus we care about our customers and understand the importance of their computers and smart devices and how valuable they are in their lives.

What are some obstacles you feel like you have encountered in starting or growing your business?  How did you overcome this?  Promoting it in a city where I know very few people and not knowing all the ins and outs of starting a business in a country different from the one I was born and raised in.
I´m still dealing with those two main obstacles but with time and the support from institutions like EGBI I feel like I’m overcoming these obstacles little by little.

“EGBI is the best option for business consulting in Austin!” – Alejandro Medina

What workshops have you taken at EGBI? So far I have only taken two Spanish workshops: Taller para pequeños negocios (workshop for small business owners) and puntaje de crédito (credit scores).

How has EGBI helped you? Monthly meetings with EGBI´s program coordinator, Leo Pozobon, are helping me better understand how to run a business and make it grow.


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