By Diana Garcia

Meet Jose A. Salas, a Strategy & Planning Consultant at Dell Technologies. At Dell, he supports Sales, Product, Operations, and Marketing teams to create the best go-to-market strategy to reach and deliver a great buying experience to Small Businesses in North America. His plan has delivered +15 pts market growth vs. competitors, and increased profitability since he joined the team in Q1 2019. Jose holds a Master’s degree in International Commerce, a Master’s Degree in Energy Business, and an MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management. Jose has been supporting EBGI since late 2018 as a class facilitator and business consultant, following his passion for consumer behavior, branding, and marketing communications strategy. He loves to learn about different businesses or new business ideas and make them more profitable. As a Hispanic, nothing is closer to his heart than supporting EGBI. Jose has been married for almost ten years to Rebeca (also a Dell Technologies employee). They have a 2-year-old daughter (Clarissa), a dog named Chloe, and another (human) daughter coming in June. 

Jose shares his experience as a volunteer with EGBI and how you can get involved too.

Hi Jose! To get started, would you mind telling us a fun fact about yourself?

I avoid looking at some brand’s logos as just looking at them can make me angry:/

Why do you think it is important to volunteer?

No one does anything in isolation. Humans are social species. So, we all owe our achievements to many others supporting us directly or indirectly; therefore, it is essential to give back to others -particularly knowledge. Ultimately, knowledge is what makes us humans the most amazing living creature on this planet.

“’The only person you have to compare yourself to is you in the past’ from Sigmund Freud. To me, it expresses both the responsibility of continuously improving ourselves as professionals and to stop competing/comparing with others. Just grow, share and help.” – Jose A. Salas

Why is it important to volunteer at EGBI?

EGBI supports people to launch, maintain, and grow their own businesses. Having your own business is not only about making an extra dollar but about independence and achieving your personal goals.

Do you have a favorite experience about volunteering with EGBI?

When I won the Volunteer of the year award back in 2019. I was so moved and nervous because, to me, it felt like a confirmation I was helping others.

In 2020, EGBI volunteers put in more than 130 hours to help EGBI support and serve over 400 small businesses. Volunteers like Jose make this possible and continue to help EGBI pursue their mission of training ,coaching, and supporting aspiring and existing business owners who face barriers to growing a successful business.

Want to get involved too? Contact us to find out how you can get involved.