By Amy Carrillo Cobb, Business Owner at AmyCobb.Co

Business owners bring their story with them into the work – their past, present, fears, mess, humor, and trauma all go into their business decisions.

Every business owner has their own sabotaging beliefs around money. These beliefs have been following you around throughout your money journey. You must identify them, dig deeper, and be kind to yourself when you start noticing the patterns behind your actions. Below are some beliefs that prevent and distract you from making sound financial business decisions.

Money Sabotage Statements

Read Each Statement and See if you have a Reaction to It

  • I often manifest unexpected bills.
  • I’m afraid to increase my prices for fear of losing all my clients.
  • I feel an unconscious need to give it away, spend it or even repel it.
  • I’m afraid to set goals or money targets because I think I’ll jinx it.
  • I avoid looking at my bank account.
  • I feel weird when I have extra money in the bank.
  • I feel guilty making money out of things that are easy for me.
  • I’m surrounded by people struggling in business.
  • I stay with old suppliers because I don’t want to hurt their feelings.
  • I avoid celebrating milestones, I just move on to something else.

Did you have any A-HA’s? You can now start to recognize your patterns and behaviors when you feel uneasy about making a financial decision, acquiring your biggest client or signing your biggest contract. The key is to become more aware and compassionate when your old thought patterns about money are in the driver seat. It is safe for you to release your sabotages and enjoy your success.

About the writer:
Amy Carrillo Cobb gives others the financial capacity to make a difference through Bookkeeping, Accounting and Finance services. She is a Money Mindset Coach, Business Coach, and blogger.