By Audrey Stanton

Every Wednesday, members of the EGBI Toastmasters club gather to practice their public speaking, presentation, and interpersonal communication skills.

The first part of the meeting is probably what you think about when you think about Toastmasters, where participants deliver prepared speeches to the rest of the club. (Unfamilar with Toastmasters? Click here to learn more.)

But the reality of life is that we often don’t have the time or opportunity to prepare what we want to say ahead of time — and we have to think on the spot.

This is where Table Topics comes in.

In each Toastmasters meeting, participants have the chance to practice their improvisation skills in front of a supportive audience. After the host introduces a question or prompt, random participants are invited to speak about the topic for 1–2 minutes.

Through practice, members learn to organize their thoughts and deliver concise responses without preparation. By presenting and providing feedback to others, Toastmasters members build confidence in their ability to contribute meaningfully to any conversation.

But outside in the real world is where these skills really come to life. Whether you’re answering a customer’s question, participating in a panel discussion, or delivering a last-minute presentation, the ability to respond effectively in any situation is a huge asset. An engaging conversation might turn a one-time visitor into a loyal customer, a speaking opportunity into invaluable publicity, and a restless audience into a motivated one.

If you’re ready to practice your impromptu speaking skills, you’re invited to join the EGBI Toastmasters International chapter, where you will learn and practice alongside a group of supportive peers. Click here for more information on how to join.

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