By Shamitha Ramanan

The total solar eclipse will be coming to Central Texas on April 8th with the possibility of one million visitors in our area due to this solistrial event. Businesses should take advantage of the rare event and the opportunity to capitalize on the excitement and maximize their revenue.

Let us explore some strategies on making this happen:

1. Eclipse-Themed Promotions: Embrace the celestial theme by offering eclipse-themed promotions and discounts. Consider also having eclipse-themed merchandise; tapping into the event’s spirit can attract locals and tourists.

2. Extend Operating Hours: Since the eclipse will draw new crowds, consider extending your business hours to accommodate the influx of visitors. Staying open later or opening earlier can provide additional opportunities to serve customers and boost sales.

3. Collaborate with Local Attractions: Forge partnerships with local attractions or travel agencies to offer bundled packages that combine eclipse viewing with other experiences unique to Central Texas. Collaboration can attract visitors looking for comprehensive experiences.

4. Create Eclipse Viewing Events: Organize special events around the eclipse. Whether setting up viewing stations with telescopes, hosting educational talks by astronomers, or arranging live music performances, providing a festive atmosphere can draw crowds to your business.

5. Ramp Up Marketing Efforts: Leverage social media, email marketing, and local advertising to promote your eclipse-related offerings and events. Utilize hashtags related to the eclipse to boost engagement and generate awareness leading up to the event. Contact news stations and publications to let them know what your business has planned for this moment. 

Consider some of the strategies above, as the total eclipse is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the influx of visitors and boost revenue.

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