By Alison Flangel

Google Ads are a great way to advertise your business and products. Linking your Google Ads to your Google Analytics account helps business owners learn about what happens after users choose to click on your ads.

Why Link to Google Analytics?
Google analytics allows you to target specific users based on their previous behavior and patterns on the internet. This means that when you link Google Analytics to your Google Ads, you will be able to objectively promote your ads towards specific types of customers. Additionally, Google Analytics helps you to understand your Google Ad traffic on a larger scale.
With Analytics, you will be able to determine if the keywords in your ads are promoting sales, and largely determine patterns in your ad traffic.

How to Link Google Analytics to your Ads:

  1. Create an account for each individual product that you intend to advertise
  2. Once this is done, click the “Admin” tab within Google Analytics
  3. From the “Property” column, click on “Google Ads Linking”
  4. Once this has been clicked, you will then see all of the different product accounts that
    you made. From here, click on as many product pages as you’d like to link, and then
    press “Done”