By Rutu Ruparel

Pamela Chow, a Houston-based entrepreneur-in-training with roots in Tampico, Mexico, is currently pursuing a double major in Business Honors and Finance at the University of Texas at Austin. Inspired by her family’s entrepreneurial legacy, Pamela is actively involved in The Undergraduate Real Estate Society and the Hispanic Finance Association as she works towards her dream of launching a Real Estate company with her two sisters. Outside of her studies, Pamela finds joy in sports, photography, and adventure. As a volunteer at EGBI, Pamela channels her passion for community engagement by making a meaningful impact through her contributions to events and blog writing.

Pamela Chow shares her experience as a volunteer with EGBI.

What is a fun fact about you?

I have an identical twin sister.

How has working at EGBI benefited you professionally and personally?

As a student at UT Austin, EGBI has helped me keep in touch with the world outside of the classroom. Since I am studying business, volunteering at EGBI has helped me learn from business owners in Austin and learn from their unique experiences in starting a business. It has helped me see the reality of entrepreneurship and learn that all you need is an idea and some support to be successful. Also, I have grown as a public speaker by being part of the Toastmasters club on Wednesdays where I learn the critical skill of public speaking alongside business owners in Austin.

What motivated you to volunteer with EGBI?

One of my older friends volunteered here during her time in college and recommended me to volunteer. She told me it was a great way to gain experience while helping my community.

Are there specific aspects of your volunteer work with EGBI that you find particularly rewarding, and why?

One of the most rewarding work I have done is being able to meet some successful business owners to see how they have succeeded. I find it incredible to find out how they took a leap of faith and with the help of EGBI were able to grow their businesses and succeed.

What personally resonates with you about EGBI’s mission and work?

EGBI prides itself in removing barriers and I personally resonate with this because I find it so important to help those in our community that English isn’t their first language. Coming from Mexico myself, I see how difficult it is to communicate your ideas and message if you can’t speak the country’s native language. EGBI helps remove that barrier by connecting entrepreneurs with workshops and people that speak Spanish are willing to support their growth.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering with EGBI?

The people that work here are amazing and truly care about the work they do. Also, helping small businesses in your community is truly rewarding, and seeing them succeed makes you feel incredible!

EGBI provides training, coaching, and support to aspiring and existing business owners who face barriers to growing a successful business. If you would like to support our efforts, please visit our website or email to discuss volunteer opportunities.

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