By Diana Garcia

Meet Veronica Trevisan, the owner of Ñapegados: a business that serves local Spanish-speaking small businesses with administrative services, for better company management, and customer services. With the help of Veronica, several entrepreneurs have scaled their businesses to 6 and 7 figures.

As a Launch Manager of online info products, she helps course creators, coaches, and business owners start or expand their online businesses. In her portfolio, she has clients from LATAM, Canada, and USA to whom she has helped reach multiple 5 and 6 figures in 7 days selling their info products in English and/or Spanish. Veronica also became an expert in the art of audience’s investigation. Here she helps entrepreneurs who want to narrow their audiences for a better sale, but principally to better serve their clients in both languages. As a course creator herself, she has courses in Spanish about creating very qualified audiences.

Veronica shares her experience as a business owner and how EGBI can help you grow your business too.

Hi Veronica! To get started, would you mind telling us a fun fact about yourself?

I like to ride my electric bike all around Austin. I have had it since 2016 and still, I am amazed when kids and even adults, wave at me and say “I love your bike”. I share a picture here. I think it is really cool, too.

Why and how did you start your business?

When my friend Bran and I decided to start a cleaning company in 2011, I realized there was a lack of information in Spanish to help local business owners, so I started a blog. My blog was simple: I read articles in English, made a summary in Spanish, and posted it on my blog. With this exposure, I had the opportunity to write for a very important Spanish newspaper here in the Austin area (El Mundo Newspaper), which then gave me the opportunity to host workshops about different topics and teach aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. People started noticing my expertise and, as they say, the rest is history.

What was the toughest moment in your business journey? How did you go past it and move forward?

The toughest moment so far has to be when I had to fire a client with whom I had been working for more than 6 months. It was a very scary decision, but I knew it was the right one. It affected me financially, but emotionally was a relief. I moved forward reminding myself every day that I deserved better and that my intelligence and knowledge should be respected.

What would you tell other entrepreneurs wanting to open their own business?

Don’t wait! Starting your own business is worth it. It is a lie that you will work fewer hours in the beginning, but it is also a lie that you will earn safe money (and tranquility) as an employee. Think about this- if someone is willing to pay you XX amount of money for your skillset, don’t you believe that you can make more money using those skills set in your own company? It is just common sense.

“EGBI’s volunteers are highly appreciated; you too will be appreciated, and good exposure is always good for business.” – Veronica Trevisan

How has EGBI helped you throughout your business journey?

EGBI was fundamental in my journey. I am one of the first-generation alumni (2011). The courses were not given in Spanish at that time. Barba, Nayeli, and our dearest Al helped me in many steps of the way, and that is why I became a volunteer.

What would you say to someone thinking of volunteering and supporting EGBI?

EGBI is an amazing organization. You can tell that it is a family for most of us alumni, and the reason why we keep coming back. Before the pandemic, the Celebrating Success Event was our reunion. It was wonderful to see the success of so many entrepreneurs.

I recall how important it was to learn from experts in different fields. Now, as a volunteer myself, when I am summoned to give a class to newcomers, I can enjoy the presence of other business owners for 2 hours. Their excitement, their eagerness, and their bravery are refreshing to see.


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