By Olivia Yang

Email is one of the most important parts of your business. In fact, it’s used by 80% of small businesses as their primary customer acquisition and retention channel. Thus, setting up your email professionally is instrumental for your business’ success– be sure to avoid the following mistakes.

#1: Using a personal email

The email address will most often be the name of your business. Avoid using a personal email address, even if you are the only employee– you should create a new, separate business email. Not only does using a personal email create an unprofessional look, but keeping personal and business operations separate is important for organization. You don’t want to risk having client information mixed with personal subscriptions.

#2: Having a public email domain

You should strongly consider purchasing an email domain for your business, which will have a similar look to your website domain. For example, is an email address with as the domain, whereas is the website address. This is a baseline for setting up your business, as it signals that your business communication is established and professional. Additionally, a private domain is practical to ensure security for your business, as free addresses (such as Gmail or hotmail) are tied to the provider. You can purchase a domain through several providers, including GoDaddy, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Titan (via Hostinger), and more. 

While email may seem simple, avoiding these mistakes ahead of time can ensure a professional start to your business.